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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

San Diego’s Premier Rental Property Management Firm

Managing and possessing rental property requires significant funding and work. Entrusting your investment to the proper professionals can save you time and money. At Realevate Specialists, we safeguard every investment, and work towards increasing clients’ incomes while cutting costs. Avoid confusion and costly mistakes by trusting us with your property.

A number of rental property owners decide to run their rental on a tight budget, assuming they would make more money if they managed the rental on their own, had their parents or relatives do it or if they hired cheap management services. However, these options most often mean saving a few bucks every month, but losing many more through long vacancies, costly repairs and bad tenant selection. Rental property management requires the one who manages it to be constantly available for whatever problems and emergencies that come up. Repairs are one of the most frequent headaches because they are so unpredictable and demand immediate attention. Finding trustworthy contractors is a major concern because no one wants the problem to come back as soon as the repairmen leave. Dealing with contractors can be a pain in the neck, especially if they stall, don’t show up, invent prices as they go along – the list goes on and on. DIY landlords usually find it difficult to locate contractors who are competent, reliable and cost-effective.

Preparing the property for renting is another stumbling block. Many owners would like to do some remodeling, but getting effective results without excessive costs requires expert knowledge on what remodel jobs gives the best return on investment in rental property.

On top of the property being a handful to manage, dealing with tenants is usually no less time-consuming nor less stressful. It is obvious that a landlord can expect to have tenants who are not punctual with their monthly rent and there are also those who eventually require evicting. Unfortunately, tenants can be problematic in other ways as well. There are those who call the landlord or the manager every other day to complain or demand they deal with light bulbs, air filters and squeaky hinges.

With Realevate Specialists you can make more money with less hassle because we work hard to:

  • Minimize your vacancy periods
  • Connect you with well-qualified tenants
  • Minimize eviction rates
  • Provide you reliable and cost-effective maintenance

Leave the hard work up to us

We take an honest and straightforward approach to our work. By providing trustworthy services, we have been able to grow our areas of expertise. We offer expert management of tenant screening, leasing, maintenance, and even eviction logistics. Whether you have been investing in multiple properties or have found yourself dealing with unexpected tenants, we are able to help.

Realevate Specialists runs your property like a business, because that’s what it is. That kind of dedication is difficult to come by if an owner chooses to manage the property as a side job or if they leave it to family members and average management companies.

Anyone who has ever worked with people knows all too well how time- and energy-consuming that usually is. Having your rental property managed with Realevate means someone else takes that on for you. We do it primarily through careful tenant screening and selection process. Connecting owners with the right residents maximizes the chances that the rent will be timely paid, the property respected and eviction avoided.

Landlords and small-scale rental agencies don’t typically have the means to carry out extensive background research including credit and employment history, criminal record check if allowed and residency checks. Realevate Specialists, on the other hand, provide all that as part of regular services.

Even when the property is occupied with cooperative, responsible and reliable tenants, someone has to be in constant contact with them, perform property inspection, collect rent and deal with evictions if called for. If you have a few or several rentals, the job multiplies. Managing tenants can eat away at your precious free time if you have to take their calls in the evenings, visit them to collect the rent or take the matters to court to evict them if necessary.

Our Pacific Beach property management specialists have your rental property regularly inspected by local agents to ensure the tenants comply with the agreement conditions. The agents also check the property for damage and can spot maintenance problems before they turn into an emergency.

Realevate Specialists have three major advantages over DYI landlords and small agencies and those are:

  • Staff
  • Technology
  • Resources

These three assets allow Realevate Specialists to manage your rental property with maximum efficiency and minimal costs.

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We Manage San Diego Rental Properties

There is a reason that thousands of rental homeowners entrust Realevate Specialists with their rental properties. 25 years of experience have made us leaders in the industry, and you can always count on our team to provide you with the best processes and systems to help your investments grow. Our company’s stellar reputation comes from our ability to service clients and meet demands 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We know the ins and outs of the industry, and offer a range of pricing options – trust us to get the job done right.

Realevate Specialists have the necessary expertise that stems from vast experience and extensive training. Things that others may find confusing and even intimidating come easily to Realevate – things like accounting, compliance and marketing. Realevate clients have the advantage of being able to avail themselves of the skills and knowledge of Realevate in these areas.

Accounting is a source of stress for many landlords. One has to be particularly careful with tax statements and organized when it comes to storing documents and records. We have an online platform with password-protected client accounts where all the relevant information is stored. Clients simply log in to receive updates and documents regarding their property. The best part is that all the records can be kept online, so the documents are always at the clients’ fingertips.

Making sure a rental property is managed through compliance with all the state and local regulations can be quite a handful for those who are not versed in that field. Laws and regulations change and get revised and keeping track of them can be exhausting, as well as source of troubles. Realevate clients can relax knowing that their property adheres to all standards and that all the regulations are met.

Marketing and advertising are another area where Realevate Specialists bring value to their clients. An overwhelming number of landlords are not familiar with successful marketing techniques. Effective marketing makes for reduced vacancy times and also increases the possibility to reach the right tenants for a property. Realevate have not only the knowledge in the field, but the means to put up advertisements on high-traffic websites that target the right potential tenants.

Realevate Specialists has agents who are local experts and technology-driven processes. This combination allows us to give our clients multiple guarantees about the effectiveness and efficiency of our services. Our competitive pricing, great expertise and satisfaction guarantees ensure our clients get the best return on investment.

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