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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Maintaining the Hardwood Floors in Your El Cajon Rental Property

A Mother Playing the Piano While Her Daughter Dances on Hardwood FloorsA hardwood floor can, indeed, provide top-level attractiveness and durability to a single-family rental home. Though if your rental property has hardwood floors, there are other things you need to execute to keep them in top shape. Periodic and regular care is essential. Furthermore, tenants could be hard on hardwood, scratching and gouging floors either by accident or through negligence. Thus, it is relevant to correctly tend to and maintain your property’s hardwood floors, and to make certain your tenant grasps well how to do so likewise.

Proper hardwood floor maintenance is another excellent measure to guarantee that the floor in your El Cajon rental property stands and stays functional and aesthetically pleasing. Nonetheless, it is significant to know the right way to care for a hardwood floor. As an illustration, most hardwood floors have surface finishes that help to protect the wood from liquid spills, scratches, and other types of damage. Sustaining and keeping this finish intact is the best way to guarantee the long life of your floor.

Nevertheless, hardwood can be damaged by using harsh cleaning products or the wrong cleaning technique. Consultants recommend utilizing a soft microfiber mop or cloth to sweep dirt and dust off the floor. Vacuum cleaners can scratch up a hardwood floor, and regular mops use too much water, which isn’t good for a hardwood floor also. Liquid spills shall have to be cleaned up swiftly, and measures should be undertaken to make certain the floor is thoroughly dry.

Though there is a great deal that a property owner can do, engaging with your tenants to tend to your rental property’s hardwood flooring is one excellent practice to sustain and keep it looking truly fine and beautiful. One of the first things you would have to carry out is to inform and educate your tenant on proper hardwood floor maintenance and cleaning. By allowing them to understand and know the right way to clean the floor, you can perhaps extend the life and beauty of the hardwood and prevent damage as well.

One other way to invite your tenants to assist you in keeping your property’s hardwood floor is to ask them to place rugs in high-traffic areas. This can be of service to keep filth and dirt off of the floor and lessen the amount of time cleaning the floor and keep it looking its best. Lastly, you can make your tenant employ the right cleaning products by giving them the name of the one recommended for use on your floor, or further require that they only use approved cleaning products in your lease. This could help to strengthen the importance of proper hardwood floor maintenance.

Even if with the right care, notwithstanding, hardwood floors need some additional attention every few years or between tenants. With the passing of time, wear and tear can fade a floor’s finish and accumulate scratches or other blemishes. Nevertheless, supposing that is all there is, it is likely that you won’t be required to fully refinish the floor. Usually, all a faded hardwood floor needs is a screening (which roughens up the surface of the existing finish) and a new application of a finish.

However, if your hardwood appears to be seriously damaged, warped, or has deep scratches or other problems, repairing and refinishing the floor may be your only option. Refinishing a floor is a long, labor-intensive task that requires specialized equipment. Though it is probable to bring it about yourself, lots of El Cajon property owners feel that hiring a professional is well worth the cost. A flooring contractor can additionally find out and tell you what kind of flooring you possess, and which technique would best revive or restore it. Different kinds of wood require different techniques and engineered or wood laminate simply won’t tolerate heavy refinishing as solid hardwood does. In those cases, any restoration work is best left to a professional.

Taking care of hardwood floors doesn’t need to be arduous, but it does require countless added planning and motivation to enlist the help of your tenant. However, by maintaining good tenant relations, they are more prepared to aid you in keeping your valuable hardwood floor in the best possible condition.

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