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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Deep Cleaning Your La Mesa Rental’s Kitchen Between Tenants

Deep Cleaning Oven VentEach time a tenant moves out of a single-family rental home, it is necessary to make certain that the kitchen is not simply clean but has truly been deep cleaned. Kitchens get grimy after months or even years of use, and indeed, even responsible tenants may only implement a surface clean once they move away. To entice – and continue to keep – your next tenant, you’ll have to thoroughly clean every element of your La Mesa rental property’s kitchen. It might be a drawn-out chore, but one that is well worth it.

To magnetize and attract ideal tenants to your rental home in La Mesa, you’ll have to offer a property that is clean and in good repair. As prospective renters go through and inspect the property, they might or might not distinguish if you have cut corners on cleaning the kitchen. Nevertheless, after they come to live there, you can know for sure that a dirty kitchen will be a major cause for complaint and a headache for you. Tenants wish for a rental home that has really been correctly and thoroughly cleaned and will feel deceived and unhappy if they find out, belatedly, that basic cleaning and maintenance tasks have not been performed.

Deep cleaning a kitchen is hard work, but accomplishing it will give you happy tenants, as well as simultaneously extending the life of your surfaces, floors, and appliances. A lot of tenants will wipe down countertops and other surfaces just before they move out, but cupboard interiors also need to be wiped out and their exterior surfaces scrubbed with a grease-removing cleanser.

Refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves need to be wiped down, inside and out, on top and underneath. The rubber gasket around refrigerator doors should also be wiped clean and the coils vacuumed or dusted. Even self-cleaning ovens need the baked-on food and wire racks removed before turning them on, and electric stovetops should be taken apart and scrubbed down. All of these significant tasks will help keep your appliances working right for many years.

When you are deep cleaning a kitchen, you should bear in mind to take careful heed of the components that often get overlooked on a day-to-day basis. Walls and ceilings need to be dusted and, if necessary, scrubbed with a degreasing cleaner. Air vents, doorknobs, and switch plates all need to be thoroughly cleaned, as does the stove hood, fan, and filter.

Blinds and curtains should be removed and washed, and the windows cleaned inside and out. Ceiling fans, light fixtures, and any framed art or wall décor should also be carefully wiped down. The final procedure can be to clean all countertops and other surfaces, and mop the floors, including behind the stove and refrigerator. Greasy spills and other messes can accumulate under appliances, creating bad odors and attracting insects.

Appropriately deep cleaning a kitchen is a drawn-out task, however not one that you can be allowed to miss. That doesn’t mean that you have to work on it yourself, anyhow. Realevate Specialists has excellent cleaning service providers on hand to take care of your La Mesa rental property’s kitchen and other rooms. We can absolutely make sure that your rental home’s kitchen is spotless from top to bottom. Please contact us online or call our Mission Valley office at 858-997-2100 or our Temecula office at 951-461-0100 for more information.

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