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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Top Tips for Murrieta Tenant Retention

Murrieta Renters Shaking Hands with a Property ManagerImproving your tenant retention is the key to long-term success as a single-family rental property owner. The more joyful and more comfortable a quality tenant is, the less likely they are to leave. Keeping a quality tenant for years can turn into higher profits and a more stable income. Thus, it is worth learning and understanding a few tips for keeping your quality tenants right where they are.

Regular, Positive Communication

As to tenant retention, nothing is more important than good communication. Industry professionals know that communicating regularly and effectively with a tenant can produce a substantial difference in tenant retention. Understand how your tenant prefers such interactions to take place (email, phone calls, or another method) and then use it. Consequently, healthy communication should start even before they sign the lease and continue throughout their occupancy.

Quick, Professional Responses

How you reply or respond to tenant repair requests, maintenance issues, and complaints will have a direct impact on your tenant retention. Tenants yearn for you to act on their problems and concerns with serious consideration, and usually, if a tenant can anticipate a quick and professional response, they are more likely to report small issues more often. Catching minor repairs early on can save you a lot of time and money thereafter.

Advanced Notice

Tenants appreciate as much advanced notice as you can give them. Whether you need to enter the property to perform maintenance works or have settled to raise the rent, the extra time you can give your tenant to be ready, the better. Going above and beyond what is simply required by law can help your tenants believe for certain that you have their needs in mind.

Proactive Property Maintenance

Quality, long-term tenants are more likely to stay in a rental home that is being regularly and properly maintained. When tenants always see that regular maintenance is ongoing, they are, in all probability, going to take good care of your investment property, too. They are also, in all likelihood, able to realize that caring for the property is a joint effort, and could most certainly experience an increased satisfaction as they participate in maintaining the property’s mint condition.

Requests for Feedback

Equally, tenants who deem that their landlords are listening carefully often report higher levels of satisfaction with their rental homes. You can cultivate this satisfaction by specifically requesting feedback from your tenants. Find out from them not only what the problems are, but as well as obtain from them their  ”wish list” items. If at all possible, include at least one of these items in your property maintenance plan. This will show to your tenants that not only are you mindful of their concerns but, in fact, are willing to invest in their long-term happiness too.

By way of implementing these uncomplicated and simple measures, you can essentially improve your tenant retention and, ultimately, your investment’s bottom line. If this list seems a little overwhelming, Real Property Management Revate Specealialists can make a real difference. Contact us online or call our Mission Valley office at 858-997-2100 or our Temecula office at 951-461-0100 for more information and ask our Murrieta property managers about our flexible property management plans.

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