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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Reducing Fire Hazards at Your San Diego Rental Property

Eliminate Fire Hazards Before It's Too LateIf you’re an investment homeowner in San Diego then you’ve put a good deal of effort and time in your leasing property to make sure it is a safe and fun place for those residents to live. But should you not practice proper fire prevention customs, or educate your residents to accomplish this, then the security of your house and your inhabitants could be in question.

Practicing fire safety is simple for both residents and homeowners to execute yearlong. Do not wait for fire hazards to present themselves and start reducing your risk for a fire today. Take a look at these suggestions from Realevate Specialists to reduce fire threats with your San Diego rental property.

1.      Check Fire Extinguishers Regularly

As an investment homeowner, as soon as you’ve prepared your rental house for residents to move in, and complied with land fire security procedures like such as a fire extinguisher within the home, it can be simple to forget that it is there. Your residents may forget about the location of the fire extinguisher if not reminded. Among the best ways to ensure your fire extinguisher is ready if needed is to carry out a visual check yearly.

While it appears simple, it might be lifesaving. Throughout a visual check that a homeowner or landlord should make sure it’s situated in its designated place, that it isn’t ruined, nothing blocks or obstructs it and that it is fully operational. Moreover, you must check that that pressure gauge is within operating range and that the pull pin is sealed and undamaged. The fire extinguisher may also have a tag on it, so make sure you indicate the date of the visual inspection once you do it.

2.      Fire Marshal Review

Many citizens and homeowners alike suppose that you contact the fire department if there is an emergency. However, your local fire department offers a variety of free services to make certain that your property is safe from fire dangers.

These home security checks are free, and worth every second of it. A fire marshal would rather give residents and homeowners tools to stop flames than place one in your kitchen outside. The fire marshal will evaluate things such as evacuation strategies, the frequency of fireplace and furnace cleaning, secure storage of flammable materials, whether a smoke alarm requires replacement, etc. Take advantage of the free service yearly.

3.      Appliance Fire Safety

As soon as you’ve prepared your San Diego rental house as best you can to avoid a fire, then go the extra mile in making sure that your residents are constantly making fire-safe decisions within their daily life. This would consist of giving them directions to eliminate items which are covering or surrounding appliances like water heaters and furnaces.

It’s ideal to indicate a place around those appliances with tape another sort of permanent indicating that assists citizens remember to keep some other flammable things behind this line in any way times. Other items like ensuring a the l of protective covers are in place, and removing dust and lint from ducts will serve to stop fires occurring in your rental home.

Start making your San Diego rental property a safer place to live today with these tips to reduce fire hazards. If you would like more information about Realevate Specialists, please contact us online or call our Mission Valley office at 858-997-2100 or our Temecula office at 951-461-0100.

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